Unlock the Power of AI with Jasper for Business

At the Inaugural Gen AI event, Jasper made a huge splash by announcing Jasper for Business: a suite of tools designed to help businesses harness the power of AI without sacrificing their brand identity or losing efficiency in their workflow.

Jasper Brand Voice is one of the standout features included in Jasper for Business. This feature allows businesses to customize and personalize their content with Jasper’s AI technology by training it on the language, tone and style unique to that brand. Jasper Brand Voice takes into account three aspects of a business’s identity: knowledge (products, services, industry), tone (how they portray themselves to customers) and style (grammar, punctuation). With Jasper Brand Voice companies can create consistent, on-brand content that will appeal to their target audience.

Another feature within Jasper for Business is Jasper Everywhere, Jasper’s browser extension that allows businesses to access AI assistance and on-brand messaging wherever they write – in email, social channels, CMS systems, notes apps, and more. Jasper Everywhere now works with both Chrome and Microsoft Edge as well, so regardless of your browser preferences, Jasper is there for you.

Finally, Jasper for Business also includes collaboration features that make coordinating across teams easier than ever before. With Jasper companies can create separate spaces for each team member with the appropriate level of access; share documents in Jasper itself and collaborate in real-time; and manage content creation workflows while keeping track of everything with simple document statuses.

In short, Jasper for Business is a powerful suite of tools that will help businesses harness the power of AI without sacrificing their brand identity or efficiency in their workflow. With Jasper’s cutting-edge technology, companies can create on-brand content and collaborate with ease – all from one convenient platform.

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By: Darrin DeTorres

Darrin DeTorres is the founder and main contributor to the Taikover blog. As an expert marketer with 13 years of experience, he has been an early adopter of many emerging technologies. In 2009 he recognized the impact Social Media would have on businesses and subsequently helped many in Florida establish their social presence. Darrin also has had an interest in Cryptocurrency and the Block Chain. He is a contributor to the site, RunsOnCrypto.com. Darrin believes that AI will have an immediate impact on small businesses and is hoping to educate the masses on Artificial Intelligence via www.Taikover.com