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Anthropic, an AI safety startup, has just released Claude 2 – the latest version of their conversational AI assistant. Claude 2 comes with several major upgrades over the previous Claude 1.3 model, making it more capable, safer, and easier to access. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into what’s new with Claude 2 and why you should give this AI assistant a try.

Longer Responses and Larger Context

One of the most notable improvements in Claude 2 is its ability to handle much longer inputs and provide lengthier responses. Users can now enter prompts up to 100,000 tokens, allowing Claude to work with hundreds of pages of text at once. Responses can be thousands of tokens long, enabling Claude to generate long-form content like stories and articles in a single go.

This expanded context window and output length opens up new possibilities for how Claude can be used. For example, businesses could provide lengthy technical manuals or books for Claude to summarize. Writers could tap Claude’s creative skills to help develop stories and books. Students could get Claude’s help explaining complex concepts that require lengthy descriptions.

Enhanced Reasoning and Improved Skills

In addition to longer responses, Claude 2 also comes with beefed up reasoning abilities. Anthropic shared that their latest model scored significantly better on tests of logical reasoning and math skills:

  • 76.5% on the multiple choice section of the Bar exam, up from 73% with Claude 1.3
  • 88% on a dataset of grade school math problems, up from 85.2%
  • Above 90th percentile on GRE reading and writing sections
  • On par with median applicants for GRE quantitative reasoning

These scores demonstrate Claude’s improved competency in areas like reading comprehension, writing, logical analysis, and mathematical reasoning. Users can rely on Claude for help with a wider range of tasks that require strong reasoning skills.

Claude 2 also showed substantial gains on coding evaluations, scoring 71.2% on the Codex HumanEval compared to 56% for the previous version. This advancement makes Claude more adept at understanding and generating code.

Safer and More Reliable Outputs

As impressive as these cognitive upgrades are, Anthropic emphasizes that safety was a top priority for Claude 2. Using a variety of techniques to make the model more immune to harmful prompts, Claude 2 was twice as good at providing harmless responses compared to version 1.3 in Anthropic’s internal evaluations.

While no AI system is completely foolproof, these safety improvements make Claude less likely to generate offensive, dangerous, or misleading content. Users can have more confidence in Claude’s outputs across a wide range of conversational topics.

New Beta Chat Experience

In addition to the Claude API used by businesses, Anthropic has launched a public beta chat experience so anyone can try conversing with Claude 2. After creating a free account, you can chat with Claude in natural language about any topic you choose.

This is an exciting chance for the public to interact directly with Anthropic’s new model and see first-hand how it handles general conversation. The chat experience is currently available in the US and UK only.

Feedback Drives Improvement

Anthropic emphasizes that Claude 2 is still an open beta launch. As with any AI system, it has limitations and can sometimes respond inappropriately. They encourage users to report any issues so they can continue honing Claude’s performance and safety.

User feedback will be critical for guiding Claude’s future development. By openly engaging with the public rather than limiting access, Anthropic aims to responsibly shape Claude into an increasingly beneficial AI assistant.

Give Claude 2 a Try

Claude 2 represents an impressive leap forward in conversational AI capabilities. The upgrades open new possibilities for how businesses, writers, students, and everyday users can be empowered by AI technology.

If you’re curious to experience Anthropic’s ingenuity, head to to create an account and start chatting with Claude 2. See for yourself how this AI assistant handles complex questions, generates thoughtful content, and demonstrates strong reasoning skills.

While exercise caution when testing any AI system, Claude 2 is designed to be helpful, harmless, and honest. Don’t miss this opportunity to have natural conversations with one of the most advanced AI models available today.

Claude 2

By: Darrin DeTorres

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